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Joe Cajero Earrings Entitled Nurtured By Prayer

Joe Cajero Earrings Entitled Nurtured By Prayer

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These special sterling silver earrings have the most meaningful title: they're called "Nurtured By Prayer"  by celebrated Jemez Pueblo artist Joe Cajero.

Joe Cajero is namely a sculptor. In fact, he received first place at Santa Fe Indian Market in bronze sculpture. He's created a rare line of jewelry based on his bronze sculptures. 

These earrings each have a different design. They're supposed to be sisters born of the same elements but still with unique characteristics. One earring represents Sister Sunset with her starred headpiece, while the other represents Sister Sunrise with a sun ray headpiece. Together, they're supposed to represent the feminine, nurturing, prayerful qualities in all of us. Just so cool! 

They'd make the perfect gift for your sister, or they'd be a beautiful, wearable reminder of her.

How amazing to be able to wear the same wonderful designs from a large bronze sculpture in your ears!

Earrings dangle 1 3/8" x 1" and are signed on the reverse.

We also have a "Nurtured by Prayer" pendant incorporating the same special symbolism.

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