Our Story

We're Turquoise and Tufa, Bonnie McClung & Mindy McClung, two sisters in Santa Fe, New Mexico with an online boutique and a by-appointment concierge service selling American Indian jewelry.

From our earliest encounters with New Mexico many years ago as tiny children, we've felt called here. We've fallen deeply in love - with New Mexico's breathtaking landscape, rich culture, and lovely Native American people with their creative and inspired handmade jewelry.

Bonnie McClung & Mindy McClung of Turquoise & Tufa Native American Jewelry Boutique Online and In Santa Fe, New MexicoLooking back, it seems the trajectory of our lives always pointed here - to selling Native art in New Mexico. We grew up in Malibu, California, the daughters of a Pepperdine University history professor and a middle school teacher. This meant we developed a deep love of life-long learning, which flourished through our annual summer road trips to Northern New Mexico. Each year, as we traveled through the Southwest in a huge Ford LTD station wagon nicknamed "Greenie," we stopped in Navajo Country and at different New Mexico Pueblos, where our father (the professor) would share certain bits of Native history and then give us each a little bit of money to spend on Native American jewelry we picked out. We didn't have a lot, but that jewelry and those experiences made us feel like we had everything!

Bonnie McClung & Mindy McClung Buying Native American Pottery At A New Mexico PuebloIn college, we followed in our father's footsteps and received BA's in history. One of us went on to an MA in history, which only intensified our interest in Native American art and culture. During this time, we still spent summers in New Mexico and even dabbled a little bit in selling American Indian jewelry by purchasing a few select pieces in New Mexico and selling them back in California at the store we both worked at. Perhaps prophetically, the store was called "Santa Fe Sun."

American Indian Jewelry Dealers Martha Struever, Bonnie McClung & Mindy McClung From Santa Fe, New MexicoWe eventually took a leap of faith and moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico in 2003. An enormous act of serendipity led us to Martha Hopkins Struever, an American Indian art dealer and true icon in the field. We worked side-by-side with Marti acquiring and selling Native art for more than a dozen years. She was so much more than an extraordinary mentor; she became a close personal friend. Through Marti, our burgeoning passion for Native art deepened tremendously, and we received an invaluable depth and breadth of education and direction in Native American art. Most significantly, through Marti we came to know the incredible Native people producing the artwork. With the loss of Marti Struever in 2017, our hearts were broken, but we knew we were meant to continue in the field.

Now we're ready to introduce even more humans to American Indian jewelry. We cannot overemphasize how significant this form of artwork is. Every piece is handmade and one-of-a-kind, unlike any other style out there. Every piece is inspired with meaning and story. We want to share that meaning and those stories with you.

The majority of the work we carry is Southwestern Native American: Zuni, Navajo, Kewa (Santo Domingo), other New Mexico Pueblo, or Hopi. We sell both vintage pieces and brand new jewelry creations by Native artists working today.
We are absolutely excited to assist you. We might even be able to teach you something you didn't know, all the while making your life a little bit more beautiful. Our goal is to treat you with warmth and kindness while sharing authentic Native American jewelry at all price points. Whether you're a seasoned collector or just starting out, we hope to have something that captivates you.
Native American Jewelry Dealers Bonnie McClung & Mindy McClung