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Wide Silver Cowboy Slim Bracelet by Navajo Jeweler Norbert Peshlakai


One of Navajo jeweler, Norbert Peshlakai's, most beloved figures, "Cowboy Slim", makes his appearance on the middle of this wide silver cuff bracelet.

Cowboy slim is standing in the midst of a beautiful landscape scene on a canvas of silver "painted" with Norbert's handmade stamps. The scene includes birds, flowers, bushes, mountains, and water framed against a textured sky. Best of all perhaps, is that Cowboy Slim is placed behind a mostly clear agate stone so that he is highlighted by the stone.

Norbert chose this particular stone for its reddish orange inclusions that provide a distinct contrast against the silver background.  The inclusions make it look like a few swipes of a paintbrush were painted over the stone.

This sensational bracelet measures 5 3/4" inside with a 1" opening and a 1 3/4" width. Signed by Norbert.

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