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Navajo Virgil Reeder Textured Silver Cuff Bracelet

Navajo Virgil Reeder Textured Silver Cuff Bracelet

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Here's an eye-catching contemporary Navajo silver cuff that's heavy and wide but small in fit. It’s by Virgil Reeder, and the combo of different textures, silver beads, file and stamp work results in something pretty darn amazing. Sure you can wear it everyday, but this hunk of silver can also make your dressy getups even more singular.

As with so many other great pieces, putting it on is like waving a magic wand and presto - a magical upgrade to whatever outfit you're wearing. 

This one-of-a-kind cuff measures 4 7/8” plus a 1 1/8” opening, so if you’ve got a small wrist and want big magic, it might just be for you. Hallmarked on the inside.
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