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Turquoise & Tufa

Vintage Zuni Turquoise Snake Eye Narrow Bracelet

Vintage Zuni Turquoise Snake Eye Narrow Bracelet

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For a large contingent of Native American jewelry aficionados, stacking bracelets is a must! 

This vintage Zuni snake eye bracelet is perfect for all your stacking activities! In fact, it came from a collection of vintage Zuni stackers that were all worn together on one woman's arm. 

This bracelet is super narrow at just 3/16" and its set with natural turquoise stones that have beautifully changed color over time - some of the teeny stones are blue while others are green for that perfect variegated look that can't be replicated except through the hands of time. Silver beads and stamping are the only other adornments here, but they're all you need.

She measures 5 1/4" inside with a 1" opening that can be very gently manipulated to fit. In fact, over time, with love and wear, the sides of this bracelet have become a little bit less than perfectly round as different owners have slightly changed the shape to make it fit their wrists. Still, the structural integrity remains.

She's unsigned and waiting to become part of a new stack. Be sure and look at her sister stacker bracelets in case you'd like to keep her within the same collection. (wink!)

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