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Turquoise & Tufa

Vintage Zuni Knifewing Inlay Bracelet of Silver and Multi Stones

Vintage Zuni Knifewing Inlay Bracelet of Silver and Multi Stones

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The internet is rife with sellers of vintage Zuni jewelry who emphatically and firmly attribute pieces to specific artists without any other research or documentation. Be wary of these careless, impromptu attributions, Friends. They're not honoring of the varied and complex designs that exist alongside unique subtleties in Zuni inlay.

Very often, the best we can do without documentation is an educated guess as to the maker of vintage Zuni jewelry all the while keeping in mind that any single piece could have been created by the hands of multiple family members. 

Like most old pieces, this wonderful vintage Zuni knifewing bracelet is one where the specific maker is undocumented. We can look in Toshio Sei's book on Knifewing and Rainbow Man in Zuni Jewelry and see an incredibly similar bracelet with flattened silver wire attributed to Homer Vacit, the younger brother of Frank Vacit, a famous Zuni jeweler. Both Frank and Homer Vacit were known for using flattened silver wire work. 

Does Toshio Sei's book mean this exceptional inlay knifewing bracelet is the work of Homer Vacit? Is it the work of Frank Vacit? Maybe. How much does it matter? Or does the strong knifewing figure with beautiful inlay of natural green turquoise, red spiny oyster, white mother of pearl and black jet set against complex and elegant silver work sing a siren song directly to your heart even without a firm attribution? 

It's questions like these you might find yourself asking as you fall headlong into an appreciation for vintage Zuni jewelry. 

This fine bracelet measures 5 1/2" inside plus 1" opening and 2 1/4" width. 

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