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Vintage Zuni Knifewing Brooch of Mosaic Inlay Turquoise, Jet, and Shell


Here's an authentic 1940's Zuni pin of a Knifewing God. It's such a unique piece that packs a big punch of color and style combined.

If you will, think for a moment about how unique knifewing depictions in jewelry really are: they originate from one tiny Native American group in one tiny area of the world (Zuni Pueblo). Then, think of how rare it is to find a really well done vintage knifewing piece that is still affordable, and yet here is one!

This handmade sterling silver brooch is inlaid in a mosaic pattern with turquoise, jet, mother of pearl and spondylus shell or spiny oyster. For additional accents, there are handwrought sterling silver wire designs.

Wear it in your hair, on your bag, on your shoes, on your dress, on your skirt, on your jacket, on your jeans or on your shirt. There's tons of ways to wear this piece to bring you a huge pop of unmatched style. We bet you'll be the only one wearing a knifewing!

The unsigned pin measures 1 1/2" x 1 1/2"

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