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Vintage Zuni Knifewing Brooch of Mosaic Inlay

Vintage Zuni Knifewing Brooch of Mosaic Inlay

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Zuni inlay jewelry is bold, colorful, magical, and mesmerizing. Where else in the entire world would you find anything else just like it? (not counting the knockoffs from overseas, of course).

Depending on how you style Zuni jewelry, it can be bohemian, funky, southwestern, and even chic. The different looks you can achieve are numerous, and it's fun to put some thought into it. 

If you're ready to add some authentic Zuni style, this excellent vintage knifewing brooch will do it for you. It's a classic knifewing pin, handmade with beautiful patterns of mosaic inlay.

When you start looking at Zuni knifewings, you'll see an array of different colors and patterns depending on the placement of the stones. This one is very well done. Unique to this piece is the braided silver wire work along the top of the wings and the bottom of the pin. It's a cool addition from some of the other knifewing pins out there.

This stellar Zuni piece measures a standout 3" x 2 3/8" and is unsigned. 

It's from an old Midwest collection.


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