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Vintage Zuni Hummingbird Necklace By Derrick and Nichelle Edaakie


Could this vintage Zuni hummingbird necklace be any more charming! The sterling silver panel necklace perfectly captures the grace and elegance of a tiny hummingbird - all in channel set inlay of coral, abalone and other shell. Even the sweet red flowers that the tiny ruby-throated hummingbird drinks from are splendid.

This little gem of a necklace is by the talented pair of Zuni jewelers Derrick and Nichelle Edaakie. Derrick is actually the son of Dennis and Nancy Edaakie, acclaimed masters of Zuni inlay, and you can see his parent's influence in the outstanding artistry of this piece.

The necklace measures 18.5" from end to end on an adjustable chain. The three-panel neck piece itself measures 4 1/4" across by 2" high. 

Signed on the reverse, this treasure comes from a special collection of Native American jewelry. 

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