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Vintage Zuni Bracelet of Turquoise Channel Inlay


Whether your turquoise-loving style is dramatic or understated, this vintage Zuni bracelet of turquoise channel inlay will surely make your heart sing.

If you love a more dramatic look, you'll of course want to stack this narrower bracelet to give that wrist of yours more depth and variation. If you're a turquoise connoisseur of the more subtle type, this bracelet is all that you need. The design is great, and it's one you don't see very often. While the 16 pieces of natural turquoise inlay are flush set, the inlay section itself is raised up above the bracelet in a hollow form rectangle.

This beauty measures 5 5/8" with a 15/16" opening. The width is 1/2" with a 1/2" height. The turquoise bracelet is unsigned but etched with a name or trader's mark.

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