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Vintage William Spratling Large Silver Chain Link Necklace

Vintage William Spratling Large Silver Chain Link Necklace

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Here in the Southwest we love our vintage Mexican silver because it just goes with the design aesthetic here. As you might imagine, there are cross-cultural design elements between our first love, Native American jewelry, and Mexican silver. William Spratling silver falls under that vintage Mexican silver umbrella even though he was American because he singlehandedly launched the Taxco, Mexico silver jewelry industry.

Collectors go crazy for Spratling Silver, especially the early pieces, and this simple yet heavy silver chain necklace will reveal why if you have the chance to put it on. This one is William Spratling's large silver link necklace. It's truly an elegant display of modern silver design prowess, for the silver links can be worn flat against your skin, or they can be worn askew for a different look. However you choose to wear this necklace, when you actually place it around your neck, you'll likely fall under its spell. How can silver be so magnificent.

This necklace provides both contrast and compliment when worn with your Native American jewelry. 

You'll find many pieces that were inspired by this necklace, but this is the original!

Each link in the silver necklace measures 7/8" wide, and the necklace is 16 1/2" from end to end. It's stamped for William Spratling. Further Stamped "Made in Mexico" and is from the first design period, Circa 1940-1946   and is from the collection of a woman who primarily collected fine Native American jewelry but also acquired a few striking examples of fine vintage Mexican silver jewelry. 

There is also a medium chain link necklace and a bracelet in this same collection.

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