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Turquoise & Tufa

Vintage Turquoise Tab Necklace

Vintage Turquoise Tab Necklace

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There are turquoise tab necklaces and then there are TURQUOISE TAB NECKLACES! This one is the latter. Beautifully strung with graduated tabs of natural turquoise, this necklace is special. 

Notice how some of the turquoise tabs have changed color with wear over time to create the enticing mixture of greens and blues. There's a depth of color here that just can't be replicated without age and love.

The necklace is a nice length too - at 19 3/4" from end to end, it's a little longer than a choker but not so long as to be uncomfortable and heavy. The piece has been restrung as the original string began to show wear. It closes with a simple hook and eye.

When worn, the natural stones in this necklace make their own shapes rather than just sitting flat against the body. It's organic ever-changing art at its finest. 

It's vintage Navajo or Pueblo made.


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