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Turquoise & Tufa

Vintage Turquoise Jacla Earrings By Jim Tortalita

Vintage Turquoise Jacla Earrings By Jim Tortalita

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There's nothing like a great pair of vintage turquoise jacla earrings! You can throw them on with just about every kind of Native American necklace under the sun:

an old squash blossom necklace - check

a great vintage turquoise tab necklace - check

a multi-strand coral tube necklace - check

a Navajo jacla necklace - check

a liquid silver choker - check

You get the idea. Jacla or Jocla earrings are as versatile as they come.

This estate pair of the dangle earrings is especially enchanting. They were handmade by Jim Tortalita of Kewa or Santo Domingo Pueblo. The tiny hand rolled turquoise beads are actually slightly graduated in size. There are a few coral beads at the top and traditional spiny oyster corn at the bottom.

These are more wearable versions of the old Pueblo and Navajo ear strings that used to be tied through the ear and when not worn on the ear were tied onto the base of necklaces.

These beauties dangle from handmade silver cones that are hallmarked.

Each earring hangs 3 3/8" long.

How can you not just fall in love.




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