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Turquoise & Tufa

Vintage Turquoise Dangle Earrings by Mitchell Calabaza

Vintage Turquoise Dangle Earrings by Mitchell Calabaza

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When you need a secret beauty weapon, you don't need a jar filled with cream. Instead, pull out a great pair of turquoise dangle earrings. It works every time!

These vintage turquoise dangles by Mitchell Calabaza of Kewa Pueblo are an especially powerful pair to have in your beauty arsenal. They're not overly long or heavy, but the silver triangular dangle portion will elongate that lovely neck of yours and the the tear drop shaped stones of natural turquoise will pop so much that any eyes will be instantly drawn to them and off any facial imperfections. 

They're no more expensive than a high-end jar of beauty cream, and unlike the cream these earrings are a beauty product that don't ever run out. You could actually say they only get better with age. Just like us!

The earrings dangle 2 1/8" in length and are 1/2" wide. They're hallmarked on the reverse with Mitchell Calabaza's CLBZ mark.

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