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Vintage Silver Cuff Bracelet With Zuni Inlay Sunface Katsina

Vintage Silver Cuff Bracelet With Zuni Inlay Sunface Katsina

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Zuni inlay jewelry is incredibly unique, and some Native jewelry collectors take a little while to warm up to the charms of its bold colors and unusual designs.

If you're someone venturing more slowly into the art form, this rare bracelet might appeal to you. It's a stamped silver cuff that looks more Navajo in origin, but slightly offset from its center sits an inlaid Zuni sunface katsina. 

Like others from its era, the vintage bracelet could very well be a collaboration piece, Navajo silverwork combined with the lapidary skills of a Zuni artist. The inlay sunface design sits up on top of the silver cuff which gives it added presence and a little something extra.

You'll only find the authentic pieces of this style inlay jewelry coming out of one tiny region in the entire world, Zuni Pueblo, here in New Mexico with a present-day population of just 7,000 (approximately).

This is a cuff you'll hold onto just like its previous owner who kept it in her treasured collection of vintage Native American jewelry for many decades.

The bracelet is unsigned as was common for Zuni jewelry created prior to 1970. It measures 5 3/8" inside plus 1 1/16" opening, but the gap can be opened or closed to fit you better. The width is 1" and the little bit of height from the sunface is 3/16"

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