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Vintage Silver Bracelet Set With Leo Poblano Turtle Fetish

Vintage Silver Bracelet Set With Leo Poblano Turtle Fetish

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Every so often, memorable pieces make their way back to us Native American art dealers - sometimes again and again. It reminds us that we're only stewards of these exceptional vintage works - that they've had lives (sometimes many lives) before us, and they will go on to have many lives after us. Such is the case with this vintage Zuni bracelet set with a turquoise turtle fetish carved by the Zuni master Leo Poblano. 

Originally, this cuff was sold many years ago by the renowned Native American art dealer Martha Struever. It eventually found its way back to Marti, and she sold it to its excited new steward. Recently, it came to Turquoise & Tufa, which is special considering our ties to Martha Struever. It's now looking for its new custodian, who will love and cherish it for their allotted time.

The bracelet is an unsigned masterpiece of old! It dates circa 1930's. The carved fetish is primitive but absolutely full of personality. Just look at those eyes! 

The fetish measures 2 1/4" long. It has stable cracks in its body that tell its story - much like the lines in our own faces.

The sterling silver bracelet measures 5 3/4" inside with a tiny gap of just 3/4"to hold the piece on a smaller wrist. We can have our jeweler open or close the gap - very  carefully. The turtle's head stands up above the cuff by 1". 

Such an incredible piece of history with a unique provenance. 

If you'd like to see a video of this wonderful cuff, drop an email with your phone number, and we'll text it to you.


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