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Vintage Ricky Laahty Frog Fetish

Vintage Ricky Laahty Frog Fetish

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Ricky Laahty from Zuni Pueblo is acclaimed for his expert fetish carvings - especially his fabulous life-like frogs, which become magical creatures in his adept hands.

Just look at this flat frog with his lanky legs and his beady froggy eyes. The more time you spend with him, the more his distinctive personality is revealed - for real! He's about to jump - maybe into your heart and home. We've named him Albert, and he enjoys the feel of a little sunshine on his back. 

It's hard to see from the photos, but that back of his is carved with such detail, much like some of the leaves you may have seen Leekya Deyuse do. That's no accident. Ricky Laahty is in Leekya's family lineage. 

Albert measures 2" x 2" and is signed underneath. He's looking for a good home, where he'll be the standout frog. After all, there's only ONE Albert the frog in this entire world!


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