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Vintage Pueblo Five Strand Coral Necklace With Silver Beads


Have you seen those phenomenal old Navajo and Pueblo coral necklaces with prices to match their fine beauty? They're truly incredible pieces, and you can wear them with just about everything IF you can afford them.

If you love the look of those great old natural Mediterranean coral necklaces, but you don't have the thousands of dollars to drop, this just may be your necklace. It's a vintage 1970's Pueblo coral necklace handmade with five strands of sponge coral tubes interspersed with sterling silver beads. It has a wonderful look on, and it's available at an affordable price.

The necklace hangs 14" and is tied on a cotton wrap. It's wonderful for wearing separately or even for wearing with pendants that can be attached to the necklace with shepherd's hooks. The coral tubes vary in size from about 5/8" to about 1/4"

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