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Turquoise & Tufa

Vintage Pueblo Bracelet of Raised Geometric Turquoise Inlay

Vintage Pueblo Bracelet of Raised Geometric Turquoise Inlay

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Imagine, if you will, the story of a couple who married when they were very young and soon traveled together to the American Southwest. In the Southwest, they fell even more in love, with each other, and with the Indigenous People who inhabited the area. Over time, they became collectors of the Indigenous People's jewelry and other artwork. Throughout their lives, they returned time and again to this beloved region that held so much meaning and joy for them.

Decades later after a lifetime of love and happiness, and memories the husband bid his wife a final, "until we meet again, my dear." He was left with their large collection of Native American art, representative of so much more than just the art itself. The pieces were imbued with all the joyful feelings the couple had experienced when they'd acquired them traveling the Southwest together, unveiling new discoveries, and meeting new friends. 

The husband decided he wanted nothing more for their collection than to allow others to experience the same delight and wonder he and his wife had experienced through acquiring each piece. Therefore, he consigned this collection to Turquoise & Tufa to sell, little by little. 

This vintage Pueblo bracelet of raised geometric turquoise inlay comes from this special collection. It's likely handmade by a Zuni jeweler, but there's no hallmark for confirmation. Each of the turquoise stones has been hand cut in different geometric shapes and set in a raised inlay pattern that forms a captivating contemporary design of triangles and diamonds. 

The wide cuff is currently left much like it came to Turquoise and Tufa, with years of patina and some wear (a few of the stones have secure cracks). Think of how impressive this piece will look with a good cleaning, one to be decided to its new owner as it will ship with a polishing cloth.

The bracelet measures 5" inside plus 1 7/16" opening. The width is 1 3/4" and it's nice, substantial silver. 



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