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Turquoise & Tufa

Vintage Pete Paquin Turquoise and Silver Ring

Vintage Pete Paquin Turquoise and Silver Ring

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You wouldn't recognize this beautiful vintage turquoise ring as handmade Zuni, but it is. The special ring with its more delicate silver setting and natural turquoise was made by Pete Paquin, one of the earlier Zuni silversmiths. 

Pete Paquin was born in 1916 and passed away in 2003 after leaving a legacy of fine turquoise jewelry created by his own hands and those of his children.

In a modern world of often heavy silver work and complex stone settings, it's refreshing to rediscover the quieter elegance of an older Zuni ring like this one.

Size 6.5, the face of the turquoise and silver ring measures 1". It's signed on the reverse with Pete Paquin's prayer stick hallmark.

If you fall in love, but the ring is the wrong size, it can be sized to fit with an additional fee.

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