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Vintage Navajo Single Strand Natural Mediterranean Coral Necklace

Vintage Navajo Single Strand Natural Mediterranean Coral Necklace

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You don't always need a multi-strand coral necklace for it to speak loudly. This vintage Navajo piece is just a single strand of natural orange Mediterranean coral. It's old beads  and they're full of soul. Rather than being polished to smooth perfection, the beads are left in their organic texture. The coral beads are graduated in size and accented with three sizes of fluted sterling silver beads.

The result is simple but special. You'll feel the spirit of this piece!

You can wear this old necklace alone and feel amazing. You can also stack it with different lengths and colors of your other Navajo and Pueblo necklaces.

The coral necklace measures 25 1/4" from end to end. The largest coral bead is 1/2" across. The shortest is 1/8" across.

  • Vintage Navajo necklace
  • Old Natural Orange Mediterranean Coral
  • Fluted sterling silver bead accents
  • Measures 25 1/4" from end to end
  • Largest coral bead 1/2" across
  • Shortest coral bead is 1/8" across 
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