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Vintage Navajo Silver Hoop and Ball Earrings

Vintage Navajo Silver Hoop and Ball Earrings

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Do you have a pair of non-Native hoop earrings? It seems like almost everyone does because they're so easy to wear and they add to any outfit.

Well, these are kind of like the early precursors to the ubiquitous hoop earrings of today. You can wear them with anything, but unlike modern hoop earrings, this older pair of Navajo silver hoop and balls has heart and character in spades. 

Sometimes you'll find much larger vintage Navajo hoop and bead earrings, but these are a smaller and perhaps more enchanting size. Handmade, these earrings each have a single fluted bead that is free to move around the silver hoop. The hoop itself is decorated with little imperfect file marks. In the world of Native American jewelry, those small imperfections are often what we interpret as the most perfect details.

The earrings measure 2" long from the top of the silver hook to the bottom of the bead. Their width is just about 7/8".

Now are you ready to replace some of your average, everyday silver hoop earrings with these?

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