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Vintage Navajo Silver Earrings by Jeanette Dale

Vintage Navajo Silver Earrings by Jeanette Dale

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Yes, these vintage Navajo silver earrings go with everything, but you can find other Navajo silver earrings that do that. This particular pair of stamped silver earrings by Jeanette Dale has a certain elegance about them - that is harder to find.

The sterling silver earrings are completely handmade in a traditional style. Scalloped silver ovals will frame your face so beautifully. Notice on the inside oval, the teeny tiny stamp work that borders it. It's the little details like this that count for so much.

The earrings are light weight and won't pull your ears down. That means you can rejoice if you normally wear big earrings and want to give your lobes a break, or if you'd never dare wear something that would be too weighty. All you need is a pierced set of ears.

The signed sterling silver earrings measure 1 1/4" x 7/8".

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