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Vintage Navajo Sandcast Bracelet of Hearts

Vintage Navajo Sandcast Bracelet of Hearts

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It's so easy to fall for the swirling shapes of traditional Navajo Sandcast cuffs.

No matter who you are, or what types of Native American jewelry you gravitate towards, some sand cast pieces belong in your collection. They're so easy to wear, and the open work design is alluring on the wrist.

This vintage Navajo sand cast bracelet is especially arresting with its multiple motifs to draw the eyes in. Designs include two hearts, two corn plants and a center cross. What else do you see? If you spend time looking, you'll discover more. It's actually a classic Navajo sandcast design. 

Might this be the perfect design to welcome into your own collection?

The piece is from a beloved collection of vintage Native American jewelry. It has nice weight to it and measures 5 1/8" inside with a 1 3/8" opening and a width of 2 1/8"

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