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Vintage Navajo Row Bracelet With Fine Natural Turquoise


You need a strong wrist to wear this equally strong heavy gauge sterling silver Navajo row bracelet set with 5 exceptional natural Nevada turquoise stones. 

The vintage piece is outstanding in its weight, shape, design and power. The silver bracelet is carinated on either side with a sterling silver rope in the center. Atop the rope sit the beautifully matched, spider webbed turquoise stones. Large silver beads and flat repousse buttons are soldered on top as additional accents. Precision stamp work adorns the sides of this substantial Navajo cuff weighing 135 grams of goodness.

It's definitely a piece for the person ready to be noticed for their stellar turquoise jewelry.

The bracelet measures 5 1/2" inside with a 1 7/16" opening. The width is 3/4" with a 3/8" height. The cuff is etched on the inside with some illegible initials - could be the artist or the original owner.

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