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Turquoise & Tufa

Vintage Navajo Pearls or Silver Saucer Beads

Vintage Navajo Pearls or Silver Saucer Beads

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Native American jewelry is often all about the turquoise, but don't neglect the power of great silver beads to change everything. Collectors should have at least ONE good Navajo "pearl" silver beaded necklace - or two, or three , or four (you know because stacking is real!)

Increasingly sought-after for their wearability, vintage Navajo silver beads are getting harder and harder to find. 

These vintage Navajo beads are just waiting to adorn your neck. The necklace is made of beautifully graduated heavier silver beads that are in a contemporary saucer shape. Dress is up, dress it down, stack it with turquoise or coral - you can't go wrong. Each bead is shiny silver, oxidized only by the hands of time but easily shined to its full original sheen.

There's nice weight to this necklace. You'll know it's around your neck, not just by the weight but by the compliments you receive.

  • Necklace was acquired on a field trip with Martha Hopkins Struever (important in provenance information).
  • The beads have a nice, heavy silver weight
  • Necklace is an attractive 24" in length - not too long, not too short.
  • The silver beads are graduated in at least FIVE sizes from 3/16" x 1/2" smallest beads to 3/8" x 7/8" center beads
  • Strung on a silver fox tail chain
  • Beads are gorgeous worn alone but also a knock-out when stacked.

If you'd like these Navajo pearls to become one of your own go-to pieces, add them to your cart before they get away.


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