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Turquoise & Tufa

Vintage Navajo Necklace of Turquoise Inlay Water Birds Squash Blossom Style

Vintage Navajo Necklace of Turquoise Inlay Water Birds Squash Blossom Style

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This is a great example of a vintage 1970's chip inlay necklace in a style made famous by the Navajo jeweler Tommy Singer. 

This handmade turquoise waterbird necklace features all turquoise chip inlay set in silver rather than the more prevalent turquoise and coral. This kind of chip inlay waterbird squash necklace is already big and bold. There's something about the monochromatic look of the all turquoise inlay that tones it down and makes it more beautiful, less over-the-top. 

There was a time when these chip inlay pieces weren't as sought-after, but the pendulum has swung back and among newer generations of collectors, these are back with a vengeance because they're so dang unique.

This necklace in particular uses big, heavy silver birds to make a stylish statement. Each bird measures 2 3/8" from beak to tail by 1 1/4" from wing to wing. The wings are elegantly curved to add the illusion of motion. The center bird pendant is also gently curved, and it measures 3" long x 2" wide. Interestingly, some people call these peyote birds, but one time, a Navajo artist in Gallup emphasized that they should be called water birds and NOT peyote birds.

From end to end, the necklace is impressively long: it's 32". Strung on a foxtail chain, the necklace appears to be unsigned.

You might want to add this one to your collection before these birds fly away.


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