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Vintage Navajo Dangle Earrings of Turquoise and Silver Clusters


These vintage Navajo dangle earrings with natural turquoise clusters and sterling silver "rain drops" are sure to become one of your go-to pairs! When we think of fine traditional older Navajo earrings, this is exactly what we have in mind. Notice how the colors of the little natural turquoise stones have beautifully changed over time to varying shades of blue and green. There's so much soul in a pair like this!


They're unsigned, but they really did come out of pawn. This is important because we're in a day and age when almost everything that's vintage Native American is inappropriately said to be "Old Pawn."

These beauties dangle 2 1/2" from top of hook to bottom of raindrop. They're 1 1/8" wide. They hang from hooks for pierced ears, and the hooks clasp for added security.

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