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Vintage Navajo Coral Bracelet by Gene and Martha Jackson

Vintage Navajo Coral Bracelet by Gene and Martha Jackson

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The deep red natural Mediterranean coral cabochons in this vintage Navajo bracelet are striking! Gene and Martha Jackson have allowed the coral stones to retain their imperfect oval-ish shape, and they've placed them in a clean shadowbox setting that spans just one third of the silver cuff. The other two thirds of the cuff remain silver, with parallel lines and stamped edges. This unique design choice allows the coral stones to stand-out in all their crimson glory. The piece is wonderfully modernist and wholly fabulous.

Another stellar detail is the smidgeon of silver solder speckled inside a tiny portion of one coral stone. This was likely added to cover up a bit of pitting inside the natural coral. Did Gene and Martha Jackson add this delightful detail? It's unknown, but somehow that one extra element makes the vintage cuff that much better.

The silver bracelet itself is a hollow form creation which is no easy feat! That means this one Navajo bracelet shows excellence in design, technique and material.

The vintage Navajo piece comes to Turquoise & Tufa as part of a small jewelry collection lovingly packaged in pastry boxes by a daughter whose dear father had passed away. 

Her father grew up in Yuma, Arizona and became fascinated with Native American jewelry early on. He was an artist, so he collected a small amount of Native jewelry over his lifetime, always with a keen artist's eye for detail. 

The collector's daughter says it's her hope that the next owner of this coral cuff will "add to its story and energy as they honor the cultural history and beauty."

The cuff measures 5 3/8" inside plus 1 7/16" opening for a total just over 6 3/4" total. Width is 1 1/4" and the depth is about 3/16". Hallmarked on the inside.

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