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Turquoise & Tufa

Vintage Navajo Silver Beads

Vintage Navajo Silver Beads

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Native American jewelry is often all about the turquoise, but sometimes nothing else will do but some great Navajo silver beads. A well-done "Navajo Pearl" necklace can change everything.

Increasingly sought-after for their wearability, vintage Navajo silver beads are getting harder and harder to find. 

In fact, there's a sweet, sweet mom out here in Santa Fe, who has only a few pieces of Native American jewelry (even though her daughter is in the business). One of those pieces is a beloved necklace of vintage stamped Navajo beads. She's worn that necklace more than any other single piece of jewelry she owns - Native American made or not.

These vintage Navajo beads are just waiting to adorn your neck. Here's why you'll fall madly in love with them:

  • Each silver bead is hand stamped in a simple but eye-catching repeating design
  • Necklace comes from a significant collection of Native American jewelry, which is important in establishing provenance
  • The beads have a nice, heavy silver weight
  • Necklace is an attractive 20" in length - not too long, not too short.
  • The silver beads are graduated in size from 3/8" smallest beads to 1" center bead
  • Strung on a silver fox tail chain
  • Beads are gorgeous worn alone but also a knock-out when stacked.

If you'd like these Navajo pearls to become one of your own go-to pieces, add them to your cart before they get away.

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