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Vintage Lawrence Saufkie Hopi Silver Buckle With Bear and Bear Claw


Here's a vintage Hopi silver buckle by Lawrence Saufkie with a bold overlay motif of a bear inside of a bear claw, which is a tribute to Saufkie's own Bear Clan.

There are more than a few bears out there depicted in Native American jewelry, but the bear on this particular buckle stands out. He's muscular with the hump that indicates he's the revered (and feared) brown or grizzly bear. Lawrence Saufkie has beautifully captured the bear's essence for this buckle.

Sadly, Saufkie passed away in 2011, but fortunately he lives on through excellent pieces like this one.

  • Buckle by Hopi jeweler Lawrence Saufkie
  • Measures a very nice 3 1/4" x 2"
  • Fits a 1 3/8" to 1 1/2" belt
  • Hallmarked on the reverse with Saufkie's bear hallmark and SAUFKIE

If you'd love a great buckle, but you're not sure how to pick out the perfect belt strap, check out this video that will show you how. (This buckle makes an appearance in the video too!)

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