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Turquoise & Tufa

Rare Vintage Kewa Bracelet of Stacked Height Inlay By Carlos Eagle

Rare Vintage Kewa Bracelet of Stacked Height Inlay By Carlos Eagle

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If you're looking for a truly unique piece of vintage Native American jewelry, consider this rare, completely handmade design. An estate piece from the fine private collection of a life-long Native American jewelry devotee, it took ample research to discover the artist since it's a piece of such unusual beauty.

The sterling silver cuff is set with stacked inlay of turquoise, coral, tiger's eye, and wood in an interesting pattern of hand cut half moon shapes that rise up above the stamped silver surface. 

The bracelet is entirely eye-catching on the wrist because it's unlike anything else out there. 

It's hallmarked "C. Aguilar" and it's a very early piece by Carlos Eagle, an artist from the Ottawa Tribe, who created striking jewelry in this innovative style of inlay. Carlos signed his later pieces "Carlos Eagle" but his early, often misattributed pieces are signed like this one, "C. Aguilar." It dates circa 1970. There will never be any more of these pieces made as Carlos passed away in 2021.

Carlos must've been a wonderful, talented human being. A write-up on him said that he considered his work with animals and the land to be his greatest source of joy.

Interestingly, one of Carlos Eagle's trademarks seems to be inlaying a small portion in tiger's eye stone. 

The cuff is a fantastic statement piece for small to medium wrists. It has an interesting measurement as the inside is small - just a hair under 5" while the opening is larger at 1 1/2" opening. It's 1 3/8" wide and 3/8" high.

This beauty is available at a very special price.

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