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Turquoise & Tufa

Vintage Julian Lovato Necklace of Burnham Turquoise Butterflies

Vintage Julian Lovato Necklace of Burnham Turquoise Butterflies

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This silver and turquoise butterfly necklace is as rare as it is marvelous. It was handmade by Julian Lovato (1922-2018), one of the most brilliant Native jewelers of the 20th century. 

Despite living a very traditional life at Santo Domingo or Kewa Pueblo, Julian Lovato's ingenious jewelry designs were strikingly modern, at times even cutting-edge.

He began a jewelry apprenticeship under the gifted Italian modernist jeweler Frank Patania in 1948 at Santa Fe's Thunderbird Shop. Under Patania's guidance, Julian Lovato soared.

This dimensional necklace was created by Lovato during his time flourishing at the Thunderbird Shop.

The handmade necklace comprises 7 silver pendants, graduated in size, each set with high grade Burnham turquoise, for Julian Lovato was known for his use of only the finest stones. 

Lovato is said to have loved butterflies, thus the center pendant of this necklace represents a butterfly. Even the handmade silver beads are special with cylinders and rondelles. 

The necklace was originally owned by a self-professed Julian Lovato "nut" who had become friends with him over the years of collecting large amounts of his jewelry. While unmarked by Julian Lovato, the necklace has the Thunderbird Shop mark and was authenticated by Lovato himself.

The piece measures 16.5" from end to end when open. The center pendant measures 1 1/4".

It's truly an exquisite piece from one of the greatest during a pivotal time

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