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Turquoise & Tufa

Vintage Johnny Rosetta and Marlene Rosetta Necklace Of Liquid Silver

Vintage Johnny Rosetta and Marlene Rosetta Necklace Of Liquid Silver

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The vast majority of liquid silver jewelry out there is NOT handmade. These days, most of it is not even Native American made. When you're lucky enough to find the real deal - Native American handmade liquid silver - it's an exciting, rare discovery.

On a whole other level is encountering a vintage liquid silver necklace by Johnny Rosetta and his wife Marlene Rosetta. The late Johnny Rosetta from Kewa or Santo Domingo Pueblo created some of the finest micro beads around. They're truly teeny tiny and all handmade. This liquid silver and turquoise necklace by Johnny or Juan Rosetta and his wife Marlene Rosetta is kind of like finding a unicorn. In fact, the delicate silver and turquoise necklace is even worthy of adorning the exquisite mythical beast's mane. 

It's 10 strands of vintage liquidy goodness in a choker length with a single signature coral bead and hallmarked silver cones.

The single owner of this special necklace purchased it circa 1980 from Galeria Capistrano. 

It's now ready to be cherished by a new second owner 40 years later. Are you that someone?

Necklace measures 15.5" long but could easily be lengthened with a simple necklace extender.

Left with its vintage patina, the necklace will ship with a polishing cloth should you wish to restore its original silver sheen. 

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