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Vintage Gary Reeves Bracelet of Natural Turquoise

$495.00 $695.00

Take a moment to really look at the silver work on this vintage old style bracelet by expert Navajo silversmith Gary Reeves. Taking in all the precision work can be a practice in mindfulness, and we all need more of that.

This beauty has all the details, but it's not overdone, just superb. All that silver work culminates in the setting of a single natural turquoise stone. Yes, the stone is cracked, but it's completely secure. The contrast between precision handcrafting and cracked stone is actually a beautiful, meaningful thing. You'll find yourself looking down at this cuff again and again. 

Bracelet measures 5 1/4" inside with a 1 1/16" opening and 7/8" width. Hallmarked on the inside.

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