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Vintage Fred Harvey Era Silver Button Bracelet

Vintage Fred Harvey Era Silver Button Bracelet

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Jewelry from the Fred Harvey Era asks that you imagine yourself traveling to the the American Southwest. It's in the early days of the 20th Century, you've likely traveled by train, and you've probably stopped at a restaurant, newsstand, train depot, or hotel owned by the Harvey Company. Inside, you found an array of tourist trinkets, gifts and jewelry to remind you of your unique trip. Many of these tourist items were Native American inspired and some were actually Native American made.

Among all the goodies, you'd have found this scalloped silver button bracelet with pretty stamp work. It's light weight and smaller in scale, so it would have been the perfect wearable memento from your Southwest travels. Because it's dainty and all-silver, you might even wear it back home.

Tourist pieces like this early silver bracelet were inexpensive, but now they're collectible for their enchanting styles and place in Railroad/Native American/Southwestern history.

This bracelet with its sweet open work comes from a collection with quite a few pieces of other Fred Harvey jewelry. It measures 5" inside with a 1 3/16" opening. Because it's light weight and all silver, you can carefully adjust the opening. The width is 5/8" and the height of the center silver bauble is 1/4"

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