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Turquoise & Tufa

Vintage Ernest Roy Begay Buckle of Sleeping Beauty Turquoise

Vintage Ernest Roy Begay Buckle of Sleeping Beauty Turquoise

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This one's a buckle, friends! Handmade by Navajo jeweler Ernest Roy Begay, the vintage buckle is the only piece you to need to give your getup a big dose of Southwest style.

In this heavy oval hunk of silver are more than 50 little cabs of natural Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, each cut into a perfectly symmetrical oval. One larger center center stone completes the eye-dazzling turquoise arrangement that's further elevated by bold silver work. Sleeping Beauty turquoise is described as being clear because it has no matrix to detract from its perfect blue color. 

This bodacious buckle measures 3.5" x 3" and it fits a 1 1/2" belt. 

You'll notice a tiny little scratch in one of the turquoise's a character building scratch, to show that this buckle was worn and loved rather than being socked away in a drawer. This buckle was MADE to be worn, and once you get it in hand, you'll be just looking for occasions to wear it! Hallmarked on the reverse.

This beauty appeared in a video on how to choose a belt strap if you fast forward to the 5 minute mark. 

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