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Turquoise & Tufa

Vintage Bear Claw Buckle With Turquoise and Silver

Vintage Bear Claw Buckle With Turquoise and Silver

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Certain styles of Native American jewelry are reminiscent of a distinctive eras.

In the late 1960's and 1970's, you'd find exceptionally groovy dudes (and dudettes) sporting their Navajo bear claw jewelry. Though it's just one bear claw style, it conjures images of bikers, rock stars, cowboys, and bohemians of days past.

Wearing bear claws as a means of strength and protection goes way back among Native Peoples, but this 1970's style of claw jewelry is specific. Often the claws were heavily accented with silver work including beads, ropes, scrolls, stamping, and the oh, so trendy leaves that budded onto the Southwestern jewelry scene of the time. In addition, the bear claws rested among stones of turquoise and coral. The more elements, the better with this robust style. 

This particular silver double bear claw buckle comes from a man who collected back in those days during his frequent travels in the American West. The large buckle has all the juicy details you'd desire so that you can bring a quintessential style into the present-day. It's also got a great patina that comes only through the gift of time.

It's a handmade piece, and it's likely Navajo, but that's unconfirmed as the "K" hallmark is one that I am unable to place.

This beastly buckle measures a full 3 1/2" by 2 7/8", so it's a knock out! It fits a belt strap of 1 3/4".  

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