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Turquoise & Tufa

Vintage 1970's Navajo or Pueblo Bracelet of Silver and Brass With Inlay Rosarita

Vintage 1970's Navajo or Pueblo Bracelet of Silver and Brass With Inlay Rosarita

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The more you learn about Native American jewelry, the more you'll be impressed with the broad diversity in style and technique. This vintage 1970's bracelet is a piece that emphasizes that creativity. So much more than the turquoise and silver that we've come to associate with Southwestern Native jewelry, this narrow cuff is unusual but fabulous!

Bright and colorful, the bracelet is handmade with two layers of metal - brass stacked on top of sterling silver. Emerging from the brass is a third layer of multi-stone "height" inlay including turquoise, lapis and rosarita. Interestingly, rosarita is a stone somewhat similar to glass that's formed during the gold smelting process. Rosarita is deep red and orange in color, similar to coral but more eco-friendly.

This wonderful narrow cuff is unsigned apart from being etched with the word "sterling." It's from a major Native American jewelry collection and was purchased in New Mexico. Unfortunately, there's no documentation crediting the artist. (Insert gentle reminder here to keep your receipts). The bracelet could be either Navajo or Pueblo. There's a similar vintage bracelet signed by Navajo jeweler Tony Begay, so this may be an unsigned piece of his. 

Bracelet measures 5 1/4" inside plus 1 1/4" opening. Since the inlay skillfully wraps around the entire length of the cuff, it can't be sized. You've got to be the Cinderella fitting into her "glass slipper" with this one. Width is 5/16" and height is 3/16"

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