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Victor Coochwytewa Hopi Silver Overlay Cuff

Victor Coochwytewa Hopi Silver Overlay Cuff

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Even without knowing the significance of Hopi artist Victor Coochwytewa, his sterling silver overlay bracelet is impressive with its eye-catching sterling design. 

Take the time to read about who Victor Coochwytewa was, and you'll be even more impressed. 

This is the type cuff that's really all you need on that wrist of yours. Despite its lack of stones, it holds more power than you would imagine.

The cuff measures 5 7/8" inside with a 1 1/8" gap and a 1 1/4" width. We can easily have the gap adjusted to fit you better. 

It's signed with Victor Coochwytewa's raincloud hallmark and the sought-after Hopi Guild mark.

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