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Small Pictorial Navajo Weaving By Pamela Brown Entitled Bad Hairdo

Small Pictorial Navajo Weaving By Pamela Brown Entitled Bad Hairdo

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This tiny Navajo weaving by Pamela Brown makes a perfect display for your jewelry all the while telling the story of every girl's beauty nightmare...a bad hairdo!

Pamela Brown is a master weaver, who specializes in Toadlena/Two Grey Hills pieces. Her handwoven art is part stream of consciousness and part comic book usually infused with lots of humor. Her weavings provide little vignettes of her life on the Navajo Nation.

This weaving is simply entitled "Bad Hairdo." Here's the specific story it tells: Much to her husband's disappointment, Pamela dyed her luscious black hair brown. She tries to remember what her black hair used to look like and cries at her new, very bad hairdo. 

The weaving is funny and relatable since so many of us have shared in that unfortunate experience.

"Bad Hairdo" was originally purchased by Martha Struever at the historic Toadlena Trading Post and Museum. Marti fell in love with Pamela Brown's unusual style of weaving, steeped tradition but contemporary in its style of storytelling.

The weaving measures just 6" x 10" and comes with its original Toadlena Trading Post tag attached. If you watch this video from Voice of America, you'll not only see Toadlena Trading Post and Pamela Brown, but you'll see this actual weaving featured. 

This piece is signed with Pamela's pollen mark.

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