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Sculptural Bracelet of Corn by Henry Rosetta


This dramatic height bracelet is truly a wearable sculpture. The masterpiece is by Kewa jeweler Henry Rosetta of Santo Domingo Pueblo, and it's made to turn heads with its wide, hollow form multi-dimensional silver shape.

The textured piece is decorated with a free form silver corn plant wrapping around half of the bracelet while a hand cut ear of turquoise corn is bezel set on a flat slope of the cuff. Wow! Even the terminals of this bracelet are something special as they're set with rectangles of wood.

If you don't consider yourself outgoing, it's okay - you've got this bracelet to speak loudly for you. And if you are outgoing, you'll have extra amplification with this one.

Bracelet measures 5 1/8" inside with a 1 1/4" opening. Height is 5/8" with a 1" width. Signed on the inside.

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