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Turquoise & Tufa

Sammie Kescoli Begay Turquoise Row Bracelet Coin Silver

Sammie Kescoli Begay Turquoise Row Bracelet Coin Silver

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If you're looking for a traditional Navajo row bracelet that's everything a great turquoise cuff should be, you can stop your search right here. This bracelet is handmade of heavy ingot silver and set with eleven fine natural turquoise stones. Despite its narrow size, the bracelet has big and beautiful presence because of the way its sumptuous stones dance around the wrist. It's one of those that will speak to you again and again as you look down at your wrist in admiration.

The piece is made by Sammie Kescoli Begay, who is known for his great classic style ingot silver jewelry set with gem grade stones. Besides working as a jeweler, Sammie Kescoli Begay is also a minister, so he has multiple methods for speaking to your heart and soul.

  • Traditional Navajo Turquoise Row Bracelet
  • By Sammie Kescoli Begay
  • Set with fine natural turquoise stones
  • Heavy ingot silver
  • Bracelet measures 5 1/8" inside plus 1" opening and 1/2" width.
  • Signed on the inside.
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