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Ron Laahty Fetish of Mother and Baby Turtles

Ron Laahty Fetish of Mother and Baby Turtles

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A while ago, a wonderful collection of Zuni fetishes carved by Ron and Ricky Laahty arrived. They're so darling that it was hard to offer them for sale and face letting them go, however, more and more of them are being released to their forever homes now.

These adorable mom and baby turtles are entirely hand carved by Ron Laahty, the nephew of celebrated carver Ricky Laahty. Ron carved these charming creatures of serpentine. Notice the detail like their sweet little mouths, eyes, tails, and complex shells. Ron Laahty was particularly known for his exceptional turtle carvings. What's really cool about these guys is that they're Ron's vintage work - he made them in 1999!

Heartbreakingly, Ron Laahty passed away in the summer of 2021, so we won't be graced by any more of his delightful fetish animals.

Mommy turtle is carrying baby greenie on her back. What a loving mom she is! The turtles measure 1 1/2" high with a 1 3/4" base. 

Signed and dated on the reverse, these sweeties will surely capture your heart!

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