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Ron Laahty Fetish of Little Sea Turtle

Ron Laahty Fetish of Little Sea Turtle

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A while ago, a wonderful collection of Zuni fetishes carved by Ron and Ricky Laahty arrived. They're so darling that it was hard to offer them for sale and face letting them go, however, they're definitely ready for their forever homes now.

This little sea turtle is entirely hand carved by Ron Laahty, the nephew of celebrated carver Ricky Laahty. Ron is particularly skilled at bringing turtles to life. Somehow, Ron Laahty is able to perfectly capture their sweet little turtle overbites along with their cute little turtle legs.

I've been calling this precious fellow Remo after a water turtle friend that I loved as a child. Remo is only 1" tall and 1 3/8" long, but he's a proud terrapin - just look at the intricate carving on his shell, arms and legs.  

His signed on the reverse, and promises to paddle right into your heart.

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