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Ricky Laahty Tiny Sea Turtle Fetish of Serpentine


This sea turtle fetish carved by Zuni artist Ricky Laahty is one of the teeny tiniest sea turtles you will ever see, yet he's got boatloads of character. His character comes through due to his exceptional carving. From the ridges on his shell back, to his little turtle claws and his teeny turtle eyes, this diminutive guy will swim his way right into your heart.

Ricky Laahty is one of the greatest living Zuni fetish carvers today. In fact, his father's uncle is the renowned carver Leekya Deyuse. Ricky is best known for his life-like frog carvings.

Our tiny sea turtle by Ricky Laahty is hand carved of serpentine. He measures just 5/8" tall x 1/2" wide. Signed Ricky Laahty on the bottom. 

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