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Turquoise & Tufa

Ricky Laahty Fetish of Cloven Hoofed Sheep

Ricky Laahty Fetish of Cloven Hoofed Sheep

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Following in his great-uncle, Zuni master carver Leekya Deyuse’s footsteps, Ricky Laathy has expertly hand-sculpted this funny animal fetish from dolomite. The whimsical, cloven-hoofed creature appears to be either a sheep or a ram. The interpretation is left up to you. Whatever he is, little details like a happy smile, a curly tail, and petite feet on a big body are sure to make you giggle. 

He's named Ramlamb, and he's not really too concerned about his classification, however, if YOU have any ideas, please send them along. Ramlamb is content as long as he's spreading joy while wrapped in his turquoise, coral and mother of pearl medicine bundle

Ramlamb is a rare Ricky Laahty piece as Ricky most often carves frogs. We've rarely seen him carve other animals. The vintage fetish is signed on the bottom and stands 7/8" tall x 1 5/8" long. 

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