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Ray Lovato Necklace of Natural Damele Turquoise

Ray Lovato Single Strand Heishi Necklace of Natural Damele Turquoise

$3,750.00 $4,050.00

If you take the time to feel deeply, you just may experience the magic in this incredible Pueblo necklace by Santo Domingo bead worker Ray Lovato. Cut and shaped entirely by hand, these beads are in a rare, pale green color found only in the finest natural Damele turquoise. 

The necklace is extraordinary in both its color and its feel. All you have to do is run your fingers over the single strand of beads to realize it's something special. Once you place the beads over your neck, you just may conclude they're ethereal. Such is the power of hand-rolled natural turquoise created by a true master.

The necklace hangs a generous 17" in length or 34" if it were measured end to end. It is hallmarked with a single "sing" bead at the top of the wrap.


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