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Turquoise & Tufa

Perry Shorty Bracelet of Three Turquoise Stones

Perry Shorty Bracelet of Three Turquoise Stones

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It's tough to think of another contemporary Navajo silversmith creating jewelry with the amount of precision that Perry Shorty brings to his pieces. 

Perry Shorty works in a traditional style using designs and techniques from the early days of Navajo and Pueblo silversmithing. In fact, many collectors of historic Native silver have at least one Perry Shorty in their collection.

Notice the complexity of this three-stone turquoise and silver bracelet by Perry Shorty. In the silver, there's exceptional hand stamping, wire scroll filigree, rope work and bead work, and yet none of it is excessive. All of that effort creates one harmonious song in silver (with natural turquoise stones sprinkled in).

The bracelet measures 5 1/4" inside plus a 1 1/16" gap. The width is 1" and the piece is signed on the reverse.

  • Perry Shorty Bracelet
  • Navajo handmade
  • 3 natural turquoise stones
  • Impressive silverwork
  • 5 1/4" inside plus a 1 1/16" gap
  • 1" wide
  • Hallmarked on the reverse
  • One of a kind
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