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Turquoise & Tufa

Old Style Turquoise Ring by Greg Lewis

Old Style Turquoise Ring by Greg Lewis

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Greg Lewis of Laguna Pueblo excels in creating his jewelry in the traditional style like this turquoise ring, which could easily be a fine historic piece.

As his grandfather before him, almost everything that Greg Lewis does is by hand. Even his tools are created by hand out of old files and tool steel bar. All of his stamps are handmade too – either by Greg or passed down from his grandfather. The fine natural turquoise that Greg Lewis uses is also hand-cut and hand-set.

It's a lot of painstaking work that results in some beautiful jewelry.

This particular Greg Lewis ring comes from the estate of a long-time collector, who worked for many years with Martha Struever.

It's a hunk of heavy silver in a size 11.75. Hallmarked on the inside with Greg's arrow hallmark. 

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